Women Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship of the Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church was founded on 2nd February 2000. It is a fusion of two women’s group of the former churches, i.e., Jesus Christ Church and Lairam Baptist Church.

The Women’s Fellowship is the backbone of the church. They had initiated most of the present major activities of the Church like the Lairam Motherless Home, the Lairam Christian Medical Centre and many of the present office buildings and properties/assets. It is their vision, prayer and perseverance that keep the Church moving and that made what the Church is today.

The present ministries of the Women’s Fellowship are as follows:

They continue to give financial contribution to Mission, church properties, office furnishings etc.
Each member gives their one-day salary to the fellowship’s ministry every year
On the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter, they organise Prayer Fasting every year.
They give relief on Christmas season for poor families.
Lairam Women’s Development Society, dealing with weaving of handloom, to generate income and to promote the tradition of Lai women.