Finance Department

The main financial source of the Church is the willing and helpful contribution of the members. Each year, the Church decided on a budget, which is distributed to each pastorate and then to every local Church, which eventually distributed the budget in to small sums to each family within the Church. Therefore, every member of our Church plays a vital role and thus our hands being united, our effort bear fruits, and so the Church becomes stronger each day.


Assembly Financial Position (w.e.f. 1st April 2010 – 31st January 2011)

                        Total Budget 5,70,00,000.00
Budget Ahievement
Contribution from Pastorate 2,44,26,894.00
Assembly Departments
Lairam Offset Press 18,49,877.00
Lairam Christian Medical Centre 1,95,35,303.00
Main Office 29,84,000.00
Specific Donation
PPF 15,02,457.0
Total Achievement 5,28,13,257.00

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