Mission Department

The Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church is deeply committed to the task of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others. For this reason, it created a Department of Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Mission at its inception itself. The main objectives of the Mission are:

Reaching the unreached peoples with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Planting churches where it is possible.
Helping and enriching churches to become self-supporting, self-evangelizing and self-governing.
Seeking cooperation and partnership with churches and other Christian agencies in Christian mission.
Motivating every Christian to take part in missionary activity.

Mission and Evangelism:
In obedience to The Great Commission, Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church is actively involved in mission work within Mizoram, in different states of India and abroad with 122 mission workers. At present LJCBC covers three states in India (1) Manipur (2) Assam upper Assam (3) Odisha. The LJCBC also serves in the foreign mission field in countries:
(1) Myanmar,
(2) Bangladesh,
(3) China,
(4) Thailand,
(5) Cambodia, and
(6) Ghana

STATISTICS: 2014-2015
Missionary Abroad – 25
Missionary Inland – 24
Native Workers – 73
New Believers – 170
Old Believers – 4810
New Churches Planted – 4
Old Churches Planted – 97
Total churches Planted – 101

Other Areas of Mission Concerns
Our region being remote, isolated and poverty stricken the Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Mission has a passion to challenge socio-economic and political problems of the people. The Church has a commitment to play a role of building peace, unity and justice in its operational area. The ministry of the Church incorporates education and human potential building, health services, awareness building on social-related problems like drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and others.