Home Mission

Home Mission: In Mizoram state, there are three indigenous people groups who live in the most southern corner of Mizoram, close to the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The mission department has sent missionaries and has shared the Gospel through evangelism, education, opening a school and boarding for underprivileged children. The goal is to educate and to grow their mental, physical and spiritual development. Details on the people groups are as follows:

Bru Mission Field: In 1976 the Mission Department sent a couple of missionaries to this people group, they believe in animism .The missionaries concentrated on church planting through evangelism and discipleship training. Slowly this people group became Christian and our mission department began supporting them in building churches and in helping them to become stable Christians so that they may be able to stand on their own. The mission department has also opened new schools and school boarding to develop their mental, physical and spiritual capabilities. At present there are seventeen missionaries working in Bru Mission Field.

Chakma Mission Field: Since 2011, the mission department started working with this people group and they follow and practice Buddhist religion. Originally they came from Bangladesh and settled in Mizoram near Bangladesh border. Our missionaries started church planting ministry, discipleship classes, sport ministry, personal evangelism and opening an English medium school. At present there are five (5) missionaries serving in this field.

Zakhai (Rakhin)Mission Field: In 1989 the mission department started reaching out this people group, this people mainly practice and follow animism and mixed with Buddhist religion. In serving the Zakhai people group the missionaries began to plant churches, conduct personal evangelism and home visits. The mission department is planning to open school in the near future.

Local Outreach Mission: The mission department started this ministry in 1986. This local outreach ministry mainly focused on people who originally came from outside Mizoram .They are mainly construction workers, laborers and business people .At present there are two missionaries working in this ministry.

Revival Ministry: The revival ministry is mainly serving in local churches and in order to strengthen the churches and help nourish them spiritually with the goal of aiding them into becoming a strong church. The ministry organized revival crusades salvation camps, and conducted personal counseling. They also visited all the local churches to encourage and mobilize the churches to be an effective Christian. At present there are forty volunteer revival workers in this ministry.