Overseas Mission

Myanmar Mission: Since 1985 the church started working in Myanmar especially Rakhine State and Chin state focusing on six unreached people groups such as: 1) Khumi, 2) Mru (Miria), 3) Chinpung (Uppuh & Doitu), 4) Meo Khumi, 5) Rohinja Muslims, 6) Rakhine, and the dominate people called the Burmese. The missionaries are reaching these people groups through evangelism. Discipleship training, church planting, school education, hostel, personal counseling, and conducting an income generating project. At present 5 regular missionaries and 50 native workers are actively involved in a church planting ministry.

Bangladesh Mission: Since 2004 LJCBC supported and sponsored one couple to start a church planting ministry in Bangladesh. In 2014 the church decided to send more workers in order to serve two indigenous people groups called the Moked(marma) and the Miria (Mru). At the present time there are two families who are actively working in church planting and evangelism activities.

China Mission: Starting in 2005 in partnership with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) India Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Mission sent one missionary to China. This missionary is working in church planting ministries and evangelism with university students.

Thailand Mission: Since 2005, in partnership with New Enterprises International (NEI) Asia LJCBC sent one missionary to Thailand in church planting and evangelism activities focusing on Children and Youth Ministry. In the meantime the ministry has expanded into mobilizing churches and caring for and helping NEI-Asia partner missionaries serving in different countries.

Cambodia Mission: In partnership with NEI-Asia and YWAM. The Mission Board Committee sent missionaries into Cambodia. The missionaries serve in two provinces. Their goals are in planting churches, and the evangelization of the rural poor people. They also offer discipleship classes and are conducting an income generating project: an English learning center

Ghana Mission (African continent): In partnership with Serving in Mission (SIM) the Mission Board sent missionaries into Ghana to start church planting ministries, sport ministry and evangelism. They are mainly focusing on children and youth Ministry.