Lairam Motherless Home

INTRODUCTION: Lairam Motherless Home (LMH) was established in July 20, 2000 with the initiative of the Women’s Fellowship of the Church and it is the only Orphanage Institution in Lawngtlai District of Mizoram and is directly sponsored by the Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church. It is a registered body under the Firms and Societies Department, Government of Mizoram. The overall activities and management of the Institution is administered by the Managing Board of LMH. It takes interest in the development of orphans and destitute children irrespective of caste, class, sex or religion.


AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The fundamental aims and objectives of the Lairam Motherless Home are as follows:

–          To look after orphans and destitute children

–          To promote in-country adoption

–          To educate orphans and destitute children so as to become a good citizen of the country